An Amazing Furniture Manufacturer

Welcome furniture is an amazing and high quality furniture manufacturer, made up of a committed and skilled workforce. All of their factories are fitted with the latest state of the art technology. All of their furniture is fantastic quality and sold for an affordable price. They have many different ranges of wonderful furniture; there’s so many that you should be able to find the perfect one for you. A few of the normal ranges are Contrast, Dubai and Vienna; some of the platinum ranges are Montego Bay and Oyster Bay, all of the platinum ranges tend to end in ‘Bay’. Each piece of furniture they deliver is ready assembled, this is because they don’t believe in flat packed furniture and don’t think you should have to deal with the hassle of putting it together. All of their hall marks are of high quality and have an age worn dignity that should only be achieved through the passage of time.  They offer a wide selection of ranges which all are made up of different styled furniture and finishes, such as Knightsbridge and contrast. They specialise more in bedroom furniture but do also make living room furniture. You can find the full range here –


One of the ranges available is Vienna; this range comes with Bordeaux oak tops with three different finishes. The three stunning finishes available is porcelain ash, cream ash and kaschmir ash; all of the pieces of furniture in this range are available with crystal handles. Another one is Sherwood, this range comes in four fantastic finishes these are maple, modern oak, walnut or Bordeaux oak. Furniture available in this range includes a bookcase, chests and wardrobes. One of the platinum ranges is Biscay Bay; this range comes in four modern finishes which are white, Bardolino oak, Noche walnut and cream.  In this range you can get a selection of different pieces of furniture like mirrors and stools. This range is bold and is perfect for those who want furniture that’s sure to make their room stand out compared to everyone else’s. Another one of the amazing ranges would be Knightsbridge as it also goes off into Knightsbridge teens. These both cover similar pieces of furniture, however, the teens range come in a more child like range of colours,  whereas, the basic Knightsbridge come in a more mature range of colours. For example Kashmir, ebony and ruby, a selection of these colours come in both glass and matte.


Each of the platinum ranges cover the same selection of furniture pieces, just with different finishes and some with different tops. Another one of the platinum ranges is Cardigan Bay this range comes in three different soothing finishes, these are cream, white and Bardolino oak. Another range would be Mayfair; this range is available with a choice of ten gloss doors and drawer fronts, as well as a choice of 5 base units and five base unit colours. The four available finishes are black, white, pink and ebony. These colours make the furniture more eye catching and will help to make them stand out even more.


Want To Live In A Stunning, New Development?

Then you should try Brookmans, this fantastic development is located in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. This area is filled with friendly so many caring people, who make up an outstanding community, which you’ll want to be part of. There are so many positive aspects about living in Brookmans for example it has a very relaxing, soothing environment with low crime rates which has been proved by national crime statistics. Also, it’s a very family friendly area.

brookmans parkClose to houses for sale in Brookmans Park There is also a selection of high rated schools close by which your child could attend, such as Dame Alice Owen and Brookmans park primary school. Brookmans Park Primary School recently received a Grade 2(Good) on their most recent ofsted report and Dame Alice Owen who in 2015, 92% of year 11’s got 5A*-C grades on their GCSE’s, including maths and English. Also, if you want to go into the busy city of London then there’s is a few forms of transportation that you can take if you can’t or don’t want to drive, there’s the local bus route and also there’s a train station at Brookmans Park which provides a train route that goes to Central London. The bus provides transport for pupils of the local schools.

There are many different things nearby that the family can do nearby, if you like to read then there is a library which is also great for cold rainy days if you want to go out for a bit. There’s also Gobions Wood which has its own licensed fishing lake, nature reserves, a private golf club and 204 acres of beautiful parkland great for family picnics, walking the dog and bike rides. When it comes to the local shops there is a butchers, bakery, fishmongers and a post office; for your essentials, such as food and writing material for school.

The homes all include parking space and some also have a car port or a garage. The layout of the homes themselves vary although still remain quite similar. The rough, basic layout of a detached house is on the ground floor you will have a kitchen, well sized living room and WC. Then, on the next floor you will have 2 nicely sized bedrooms, one will have an ensuite and then there will be a separate bathroom. Lastly, on the top floor there will probably be another bedroom, which will be fairly large, which will have a fantastic ensuite. The company who are in charge of the developments are called Origin Properties, the work out of offices in Central London. Brookmans offer modern 3 and 4 bedroom homes, which vary between detached and terrace; with a starting price of about £700,000.



The Newest Trend – Wooden Watches!


A new upcoming trend would be wooden watches; watches have been going around for a long time and have been in and out of style, however there is a new version of watches which are becoming more popular, these are wooden watches. These stunning wooden watches are becoming more and more popular all around the world, as they aren’t your typical everyday fashion accessory, the best thing about watches is that they are stylish but also practical.


These watches have become more popular amongst guys as they come in quite dark colours, with a solid, bold shape which can make them seem quite muscular; although they aren’t for a specific gender as they are loved by many girls too. They are lightweight, comfortable and fantastic quality, the upside about some of these watches is that if you don’t want a complete wooden strap as it may feel uncomfortable, you can buy ones with natural calf leather straps.


One of the watches is the heritage pink edition- oak, this watch is made from oak and naturally dyed wood veneer, this wood is dyed a stunning fuchsia shade which fits perfectly with the strap. The strap of this watch is made of natural calf leather and the black clock hands are made in France. Another one of the amazing watches which are in the heritage series would be the watch in ebony; this watch is completely handmade and was created in one of their fantastic workshops by their dedicated workers. You can get a personal engraving on these watches to make the watches perfect for a friend or family member. Each watch comes with its own box, this helps to keep it safe and protected. The strap on this watch is made of leather. The case of this watch is made of ebony and the dial is made of malus genus.


Plantwear are a fantastic company who offer 32 different wooden watches, which are of a range of different colours and styles, all of these made of FSC approved materials. They offer different series of watches such as heritage and sierra. These watches are made of a range of woods such as maple, ebony and oak. In the heritage series they do a pink, orange, grey and blue edition with bony or oak; although the pink only comes with an oak case. Reviews say that these watches are ideal as gifts, great quality and just overall fantastic.


Get the qualifications you need to become a personal trainer


If you want a career in personal training but aren’t sure how exactly to get the qualifications that you need Oregon what qualifications you need, then this article is for you. In this article I’m going to speak about how you can gain the qualifications which you need to become a personal trainer, how to work with clients, the hours in which you would roughly end up working and also the wage in which you will be earning. All of this can be done with dedication and hard work so you can end up with the career you want. To become a personal trainer you need to have good people skills, good organizational skills and to have certain qualifications to show that you know what you’re doing.


To achieve this you need to complete a personal trainer course. A fantastic training provider to complete these courses with would be FLM Training; they offer an amazing range of fitness, leisure and management courses. For fitness the courses can be taken on their own or done as a package which means you end up with even more qualifications at the end of it rather than just one. You could try one of their four packages such as the most qualified one which is the premium personal trainer and massage package. This package would leave you with a level 2 qualification in gym instructing, a level 3 in exercise referral and a level 3 in personal training, as well as three CPD qualifications, a day of first aid training and sports massage training. However there’s also the advanced personal trainer course, this doesn’t leave you with as many qualifications as some of the others but still leaves you with a level 2 qualification in gym instructing, a level 3 qualification in personal training and three CPD qualifications.


You would have to spend time with your client to talk about changes which would need to be made within their lifestyle, about their health history and to check their progress through measuring their body fat levels and their heart rate. The hours you work would still be chosen by you but also depend on the hours which your clients are available so this would mostly be evenings and weekends. There is no set wage for personal trainers but can vary between £20 and £40, this all depends on if the personal trainer is self employed or if they work for a gym and on how much experience they have as a personal trainer.

In addition to PT courses FLM also offer sports massage courses. Visit this page for more information –


UK economy in 2016

UK’s Economy has remains one of the fastest growing economy’s of the world in recent years, but there are now concerns that the economic recovery is losing momentum.

The British economy showed a slight decrement in the first quarter of 2016 and GDP has expanded 0.4 % on a sequential basis. Similar tocurrency-1018220_640 the previous year’s services continued to hinder the growth however other sectors of the economy has shown much increment but most of the time it shows a slowdown and that slowdown was due to contractions in industrial and similar other sectors.

Moreover, there are other concerns that the UK’s economy is being mostly affected by uncertainty around the European Union referendum.  Latest economical data shows that the economy of United Kingdom will remain affected to a considerable loss of confidence, in case the country leaves the European Union, but the expectation are that UK’s voters will support the United Kingdom’s continued membership of EU. Whatever the outcomes will be UK’s politics will enter into a period of instability.

In latest Economic activity further details shows that growth in both Scottish and UK’s economy is further set to slow down hence negatively impacting the Scottish compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. GDP’s Rose by 0.1 % increment in Scottish land while the UK’s GDP rise up by 0.4%. Also the pattern of the growth of economies for UK and Scotland also differed in third quarter but the differentiation was quite less than in some earlier quarters.

United Kingdom’s rapidly falling unemployment rate has been one of the key factors for making success stories of the past year, but the pace of improvement has slowed in recent years notably.  But for UK’s economy, inflation has been noted very low, largely because of the sudden increase in the prices of depots of Oil’s and the strength of sterling Pound keeping down the cost of imports becoming a boon for finances.

Consumers’ spending has been one of the main driven force for the UK’s economical recovery, but still concerns pound-685059_640remains about the spending ; if UK’s people are using up their savings and taking loans even for the shorter need then this could cause future problems for them and will suddenly become the threat for the economy.

For any developed country service sector is the real power producing agent of the economy for UK this accounting for more than 70 % of the GDP. In that thing the service sector of the UK is showing some positivity in comparison to the other sectors of the economy, so suppressing the recession period.  Despite many schemes and the political pressure to the banks of UK to improve their access to finances for business activity the lending figures shows very little sign of improvement.

Construction accounts for only about 5- 6 % of the economy for UK, but it was very hardly hit by the recession, contracted by 15 % from peak and is still hindrance the growth of United Kingdom.  In last quarter after a sudden period of growth driven by housing industry the construction sector has begun falling again.

business-idea-1240834_640Despite of these negative statements some positive outcome is also there which spreading happiness among the individuals is. Domestic demand is still growing because of low price of Oil; domestic inflation is nearly close to Zero so boosting the real income of economy, interest rates remains low and household demands is increasing day by day which is pushing  the economy to positive side. An external demand to services and goods is being boosted by continued efforts made by the UK’s economy.

However the need is to put some eyes on the trading sector because the net trade is still shoeing the negativity, although it is not as high as in case of China and USA.