The Newest Trend – Wooden Watches!


A new upcoming trend would be wooden watches; watches have been going around for a long time and have been in and out of style, however there is a new version of watches which are becoming more popular, these are wooden watches. These stunning wooden watches are becoming more and more popular all around the world, as they aren’t your typical everyday fashion accessory, the best thing about watches is that they are stylish but also practical.


These watches have become more popular amongst guys as they come in quite dark colours, with a solid, bold shape which can make them seem quite muscular; although they aren’t for a specific gender as they are loved by many girls too. They are lightweight, comfortable and fantastic quality, the upside about some of these watches is that if you don’t want a complete wooden strap as it may feel uncomfortable, you can buy ones with natural calf leather straps.


One of the watches is the heritage pink edition- oak, this watch is made from oak and naturally dyed wood veneer, this wood is dyed a stunning fuchsia shade which fits perfectly with the strap. The strap of this watch is made of natural calf leather and the black clock hands are made in France. Another one of the amazing watches which are in the heritage series would be the watch in ebony; this watch is completely handmade and was created in one of their fantastic workshops by their dedicated workers. You can get a personal engraving on these watches to make the watches perfect for a friend or family member. Each watch comes with its own box, this helps to keep it safe and protected. The strap on this watch is made of leather. The case of this watch is made of ebony and the dial is made of malus genus.


Plantwear are a fantastic company who offer 32 different wooden watches, which are of a range of different colours and styles, all of these made of FSC approved materials. They offer different series of watches such as heritage and sierra. These watches are made of a range of woods such as maple, ebony and oak. In the heritage series they do a pink, orange, grey and blue edition with bony or oak; although the pink only comes with an oak case. Reviews say that these watches are ideal as gifts, great quality and just overall fantastic.