An Amazing Furniture Manufacturer

Welcome furniture is an amazing and high quality furniture manufacturer, made up of a committed and skilled workforce. All of their factories are fitted with the latest state of the art technology. All of their furniture is fantastic quality and sold for an affordable price. They have many different ranges of wonderful furniture; there’s so many that you should be able to find the perfect one for you. A few of the normal ranges are Contrast, Dubai and Vienna; some of the platinum ranges are Montego Bay and Oyster Bay, all of the platinum ranges tend to end in ‘Bay’. Each piece of furniture they deliver is ready assembled, this is because they don’t believe in flat packed furniture and don’t think you should have to deal with the hassle of putting it together. All of their hall marks are of high quality and have an age worn dignity that should only be achieved through the passage of time.  They offer a wide selection of ranges which all are made up of different styled furniture and finishes, such as Knightsbridge and contrast. They specialise more in bedroom furniture but do also make living room furniture. You can find the full range here –


One of the ranges available is Vienna; this range comes with Bordeaux oak tops with three different finishes. The three stunning finishes available is porcelain ash, cream ash and kaschmir ash; all of the pieces of furniture in this range are available with crystal handles. Another one is Sherwood, this range comes in four fantastic finishes these are maple, modern oak, walnut or Bordeaux oak. Furniture available in this range includes a bookcase, chests and wardrobes. One of the platinum ranges is Biscay Bay; this range comes in four modern finishes which are white, Bardolino oak, Noche walnut and cream.  In this range you can get a selection of different pieces of furniture like mirrors and stools. This range is bold and is perfect for those who want furniture that’s sure to make their room stand out compared to everyone else’s. Another one of the amazing ranges would be Knightsbridge as it also goes off into Knightsbridge teens. These both cover similar pieces of furniture, however, the teens range come in a more child like range of colours,  whereas, the basic Knightsbridge come in a more mature range of colours. For example Kashmir, ebony and ruby, a selection of these colours come in both glass and matte.


Each of the platinum ranges cover the same selection of furniture pieces, just with different finishes and some with different tops. Another one of the platinum ranges is Cardigan Bay this range comes in three different soothing finishes, these are cream, white and Bardolino oak. Another range would be Mayfair; this range is available with a choice of ten gloss doors and drawer fronts, as well as a choice of 5 base units and five base unit colours. The four available finishes are black, white, pink and ebony. These colours make the furniture more eye catching and will help to make them stand out even more.